1.  Is Mudge Fudge for dogs?
    1. Unfortunately, Mudge Fudge is for humans, but inspired by Mudge the dog. Very rarely, we release limited amounts of "Dog Fudge" that is safe for dog consumption.
  2. Why is Mudge Fudge vegan?
    1. Mudge Fudge didn't start out as a vegan product, however by expanding our flavor offerings to include dairy free options, we realized that our vegan fudge tasted just as good as our non-vegan fudge, so we decided to make everything vegan.
  3. Is your fudge gluten free?
    1. Yep! All of our fudge flavors are gluten free. Any cookie pieces are baked in-house using gluten free ingredients.
  4. Do you ever do sales or discounts?
    1. Twice a year we run sales, one in early May and one in late November. These dates coincide with Mudge's adoption date and her birthday. Another way to score a discount on Mudge Fudge products is to bring donations for her dog rescue, Street Savvy Dog Rescue, to a market. If you bring dog food, leashes, harnesses, toys, etc., you get 10% off your purchase that day. If you'd like to make an online donation to Street Savvy, let us know through Instagram DM or an email and we can send you a code for 10% off your online purchase.
  5. Help! I fell in love with a seasonal flavor and now you don't have it! Can you make me more?
    1. If we have capacity, it's a possibility, but no guarantee. A Mudge Fudge Cookbook is expected to be released in 2023, so stay tuned for how to make your own!